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*okay girlies...*

After i used some stuff called Effasol� Yes, i know EXACTLY what you are thinking, i was fearful of putting that on my hair too; afterall it sounds like the Lemon-scented version of Pineso....�, it lightened my hair quite a bit... to like a strange orangey reddish,.... and after all the time and money i spent trying to lighten my hair the non-damaging way, i was THROUGH wearing my hair up all the time �was it 4, 5 or 6 weeks??� because of how hideous it was, while i was making my alterations, and BAM! just like that i said fuck it, and bleached the shit out of it.
It barely got to a orangy blonde before it started breaking. Which sucks :( and now my hair is in a very fragile state. *le sigh* but alas, i've been through this before many a time. And the only remedy for it is wearing it up � yet again, g0ddamnit.� for a couple weeks or so, using some MASSIVELY good products on it � the likes of: reconstructors, leave-in's, hair masks, proteins, gentle shampoo, and no silicones, because those tend to be drying.�
*sigh summore* and i used Manic Panic's Ultra violet, and needless to say, i have learned my damn lesson for the second time in a row with that shit! first time, a loooong time ago, i used a very light blue i think it was Lagoon blue. And the shit just did not take at all. This time with the UltraViolet,.... even on my blonde-ass fuckin roots, it barely took.
Punky Colour is the way to go, kids. seriously. Fudge doesn`t last for shit, and Manic Panic is just shit all around. and it's very slimy too >__<
...Well Adore is pretty good as well, although from what I've seen their colour selection needs some work.
Anyways. So my next move is to go out and buy some of my Good ol' Punky colour Plum, Violet and Purple, and mix mix mix my way into happiness once more.
*le sigh* the things we do for our hair.
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