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Me again.

Who is the creator of this community???
I cannot help but look at some of the newer layouts they have for LJ, and think that this community would look damn cool in one of them.
So... needless to say, i wish i had the password, so i could create an AWESOME fuckin look, background and all.... oh holy shit, the things i could do!
Shy, baby, i am thinkin we might be on to something here..... *menacing grin* X )
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oh definitly i was thinkin the same thing actually, i mean i love pink and all but...something new would be supa. ::thinks:: icons, backgrounds, and font faces, oh MY! heh...mmyeeeaah u know what i mean.

it's either morningglory or starstudded54, because they were the only two members here when i joined, and i was the first to post, and i don't own it, (unfortunately): might i add)

HEHEHEH! *excited* Let's jump on this girl!!!!
*going to look for your AIM name so i can add you and we can plan* :D

P.s...what colours are you thinkin? I have some fuckin cool ass backgrounds if you are wanting to stick with pink, if not, i can pull up some fuckin cool ones just the same! :D
heheh WHat do you think about This?
It's similar to what i have now, 'cept mine's blue. :)
that's a wicked background!
i really really like it a lot!!

hehehe *YES*
i'm gonna add u to my b/l so we can talk later.

i luv pink, pink would be cool, like i duno it just seems to stick with the whole glam and puss thing (LOL, didnt mean for that one to come out as a joke). u could probably send me the backgrounds to look at over IM if you want. that'd be shibby.
My godamned AIM appears to not want to be working for some stupid reason. pissing me off.
I confess i could not wait any longer and i've already gotten a start on the community.So,Spank me :( But here it is. I hope you like it!!!!
I did not want to stick with the glamourpuss idea, for fear that someone might end up hating us for 'stealing ideas' you know? heh. anyways. it just yearnnnnss for some of your touch! i just KNOW you have at least 1000 fabulous icons we can post for the picture, and stuffz :)
I was thinking i want the actual page background black with magenta font. how's that sound? :) i want some of your creatively genuis ideas! what do you think?? I just want my fuckin AIM to start working so i can give you the password and all :(
anywho, my AIM name is Vervainya.
yah i agree and the whole 2nd grade 'you stole my idea' thing always bites ass. MY AIM ISN"T WORKING EITHER! fuck. but i like it (the journal) a lot. and hehe i think i could whip up some icons, i'll have all day tomarow. but tonight i'm going to sleep soon, bc it's like 1:16am here and i haven't been asleep since i woke at 5pm from my nap 2 days ago. damnit i wanted to talk over AIM too ;6 boohoo. so well tomarow i'll look at what you have done (in case you've made more changes) and i'll comment and all that and either send you some icons or post them in my journal (IF aim still isn't working). i'll have plenty of genious creative ideas hehe i promise lol. im way hyper tootles <3 shy
Ok doll, well i think since fuckin AIM is being a shithead, i will send the password to you in whatever Email you have put in your profile, K?
So that tomorrow you can do yer stuff :D